Molin Concrete Products Company takes great pride in the experience and knowledge of our team. Every member of the Molin team plays a valuable role in our mission to deliver the highest quality products and services to the construction industry. With decades of experience, the Molin leadership team continues to position the company as leaders in the industry. 

Molin Leadership

  • Dan Bible

    Dan Bible

  • John Saccoman

    John Saccoman

    Vice President/Sales & Marketing
  • Mark Groff

    Mark Groff

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Westgaard

    Matthew Westgaard

    Vice President/Manufacturing
  • Dan Molin

    Daniel Molin

    Vice President
  • Mike Wagner

    Mike Wagner

    Vice President/Engineering

Molin Team

  • Aron Lopez

    Drafting Manager
  • Jeremy Hargroder

    Project Manager
  • Molin Logo

    Tyler Sarff

    Director of Field Operations
  • Molin Logo

    Joel Coudron

    Engineering Manager
  • Linda Scott

    Linda Scott

    Human Resources
  • Bob Clauson

    Bob Clauson

    Sales Engineer
  • Paul Kourajian

    Paul Kourajian

    Research & Development Engineer
  • Jerry Kuhl

    Jerry Kuhl

    Sales Representative/Commercial
  • Nate Mitchell

    Nate Mitchell

    Sales Representative/Commercial
  • Erik Molin

    Erik Molin

    Sales Representative/Commercial
  • Roxann Ostendorf

    Roxann Ostendorf

    Sales Representative/Single Family Residential
  • Greg Saterdalen

    Greg Saterdalen

    Marketing Representative
  • Arlyne Harmer

    Arlyne Harmer

    Sr. Sales Coordinator
  • Rick Brown

    Rick Brown

  • Kassie Florentine

    Kassie Florentine

    Assistant Sales Coordinator
  • Brad Dicastri

    Brad DiCastri

  • Matt Soanes

    Matt Soanes

  • Kyle Kazmarek

    Kyle Katzmarek

  • Tanya Griffin

    Tanya Griffin

    Field Operation Manager
  • Chad Caza

    Chad Caza

    Field Coordinator
  • Jason Becker

    Jason Becker

    Project Manager
  • Ryan Bednar

    Ryan Bednar

    Project Manager/Single Family Residential
  • Gary Brittan

    Gary Brittan

    Project Manager
  • Josh Brittan

    Josh Brittan

    Project Manager
  • Ashley Molin

    Ashley Molin

    Receptionist/Administrative Support
  • Joe Podkopacz

    Joe Podkopacz

    Assistant Field Coordinator
  • Jerome Schmitz

    Jerome Schmitz

    Safety Director
  • Scott Northrup

    Scott Northrup

    Estimating Manager