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Enhancing the Built Environment with Precast Building Systems

Molin Concrete Products is a proud designer, manufacturer, and installer of precast/prestressed concrete components. Recognized for excellence throughout the construction industry, we serve as a single source for the complete precast/prestressed building system throughout the 7-state Midwest region.

As an innovative manufacturer of structural and architectural precast/prestressed concrete products, our operation is built around understanding your project down to the smallest detail. From the first step of initial design, our team of experts works alongside you to perfect your plan. Our production is optimized for maximum efficiency, and we maintain rigorous standards to ensure high-quality certified products. At installation time, the work that was done at the beginning pays off as the project comes together in the field with the help of our competent field crews.

Headquartered in Lino Lakes, MN, we also operate a state-of-the-art automated wall panel production facility in Ramsey, MN.


Molin Mission & Core Values

125 Years of Concrete


It might sound strange to say that we’re passionate about precast concrete, but for us, it’s true. Simply put, we believe that any building with precast concrete is a better building. Precast concrete is durable, strong, and sustainable. Additionally, because architectural precast concrete is available in almost any color, form, or texture, your design options are unlimited.

We design and manufacture precast concrete in our PCI A1 and C1A certified state-of-the-art automated wall panel production facility and our PCI C3A certified structural precast production facility.

We believe so strongly in the value of our products that we have invested in creating opportunities to educate future architects and engineers. As a leader in our industry, we’ll continue to innovate and look for ways to invest in our trade and in our communities.

By now we know the process well.

After 125 years of engineering concrete solutions, we can get you what you need. Contact our precast concrete experts today to save time on your next project.

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Molin Concrete Products

Company: Five Generations

Our company was founded in 1897 by Swedish immigrant John G. Molin. A stone mason by trade, Molin acquired the rights to a limestone quarry along the banks of the Mississippi River and hauled out stone using teams of horses and wagons. His descendants continued to grow the business and their work ethic and dedication have given us a legacy. The deep roots of our past continue to inspire us as we look for new ways to grow and expand our business.

1897 - John G Molin

John G. Molin, founder of the self-titled company, was born and raised in Madesjo, Sweden, as the son of Swedish farmers. At age 21, John came to the U.S., settling in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he met his wife Ingrid Strom. Together, the couple raised nine children and built a home on 10 acres of land. As a builder by trade, John worked for several years in partnership with local general contractors before starting John G. Molin Construction Services Company in 1897.

1900 - Shortly After the Turn of the Century

Shortly after the turn of the century, John purchased the rights to a limestone quarry, and Molin Concrete Products originated by delivering limestone – hauled by horse and wagon – to building sites where crews formed stone foundations.

1905 - Concrete Mixing

In 1905, John purchased additional property in St. Paul and transitioned the company to provide concrete mixing. Molin Concrete Products began manufacturing some of the first precast concrete products such as sidewalk tiles and blocks.

1915-1920 - The Family Business

Between 1915 and 1920, the Molin’s five sons entered the family business.

1940 – The Family Legacy

When John passed away in 1940, his sons continued to carry on the family business, reorganizing the company under its current designation.

1970 – Employee Stock Ownership Plan

In the 1970’s, the third generation of family ownership decided to develop an employee stock ownership plan.

1990 – Moving Forward

Beginning in 1991, the 4th generation of Molin family members took over the leadership of the company. During this era, the company expanded and experienced unprecedented growth in the marketplace.

2002 – 100% Employee Owned

In 2002, Molin Concrete Products became 100% employee owned.

2009 – Engineering and Design

In 2009, Molin Concrete Products opened a new 7442 sq. ft. engineering and design building. Not only did this project allow Molin to feature all of their precast product types, but was also awarded a LEED Gold Award from the USGBC.

2015 – Architectural Wall Panel Plant

In 2015, Molin Concrete built a dedicated Architectural Precast Wall Panel plant in Ramsey, MN. The 33,000 sq. ft. facility produced architectural, structural and insulated composite wall panels.

Today – Committed to Principles

Today, Molin Concrete Products services clients throughout the Midwest. Molin Concrete is committed to carry on the founding principles based on service and good people for generations to come.

Quality Concrete Solutions since 1897

Together, We Elevate the Industry

We are proud of how far we’ve come as a leading source of precast concrete in the Midwest. Now, we find ourselves working on projects like the Como Park Animal Hospital in St. Paul, MN, where we designed, produced, and installed a total precast concrete shell in 2019.

Unlike many, Molin converted the traditional construction to a total precast one, and winter construction din’t slow us down a bit. The initial plan for the Como Park Animal Hospital used a traditional structural steel framing. Molin drafted an alternative plan with completely precast and prestressed concrete products. The final design included precast columns, prestressed beams, insulated architectural wall panels, and hollow core floors and roofs. The Molin Concrete installation crew erected the Como Park Animal Hospital in less than four weeks, despite snowfalls and near-zero temperatures.

We wouldn’t be constructing total precast structures without you. From balancing the budget, high expectations, and tight deadlines, we understand construction is no easy task. We understand what is expected of you and we are here to help you succeed. We are confident we can elevate precast construction to new heights through our continued collaboration.

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Read about our outstanding projects still standing today!

In 1905, Founder John G. Molin constructed five apartment buildings along Sherburne Avenue in St. Paul and named the last two after his daughters, Freda and Olga. At the time, Molin was stil a new masonry contractor. For Freda, a building named after her would later inspire her to work for Molin Concrete Products herself. You can still see the apartments along Sherburne Avenue in St. Paul today.

In 1949, Molin Concrete Products became the masonry subcontractor, working alongside Donovan Construction, on what would be the largest apartment project in the history of the Upper Midwest. Meadowbrook Manor in St. Lous Park supplied the fastest growing suburb in Minnesota with 57 buildings in total. An exciting new product known as Flexicore precast concrete was used by Donovan Construction on the project. Upon completion of Meadowbrook Manor, Donovan Construction gave their entire Flexicore process to Molin. Little did Molin know that this would define the future direction of the company.

In 1994, we expanded the Malt-O-Meal food processing facility in Northfield, Minnesota. With four floors and 380,000 square feet, we finished the total precast structure four months ahead of schedule, thanks to cooperation from Malt-O-Meal. In response, the Prestressed/Precast Concrete Institute awarded Molin Concrete Products with the National Design Award in the “Industrial Facilities” category for “outstanding application of structural precast components.”

In 2016, Molin Concrete Products designed, produced, and installed architectural precast wall panels for multiple buildings at the new campus for the Minnesota Vikings Headquarters and Training Facility in Eagan, MN. This project required the installation of precast wall panels after several areas of projecting structural steel had been installed. Molin worked with the project team to resolve what some may have considered an unreasonable construction sequence to successfully complete the installation of the “tucked under” precast panels.

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