Precast Concrete Manufacturing

As a PCI Certified Producer, Molin Concrete Products Company manufactures all of our precast/prestressed products in Minnesota using the highest quality materials and procedures.

Your Single-Source Provider

When you work with Molin, we are your single-source provider of precast/prestressed systems. That means we manufacture all components to your exact specifications using our strict quality control procedures.

Quality Products

Our quality systems manual (QSM) ensures our products achieve an optimum mix design so you get optimum structural performance. With daily tests on multiple batches of concrete as well as pre-pour and post-pour checks, we deliver products that meet all tolerances and specifications while prolonging the life of your building.

PCI Certified

Our full-service team manufactures all products in our state-of-the-art facilities in Minnesota to give you a high-quality and cost-effective solution for all your construction needs. We work hard to maintain our PCI Certified status, and we work hard to manufacture the right product for your project.