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Looking to learn more about Molin precast concrete and upcoming events? Below you will find resources detailing Molin’s process, services, and projects. Our resources are updated monthly to stay updated on precast news and events. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter https://www.molin.com/about-us-old/newsletter/ to get the latest information about Molin products and events.

Winters are a harsh reality for residents of the Midwest, who are accustomed to frequent snowfall and shoveling. But blizzards, ice, and plunging temperatures can create serious problems for general contractors and new construction projects.

At Molin Concrete Products, there are many options for adding color variety with architectural precast wall panels.

Architectural precast concrete offers an impressive array of aesthetic versatility. Nearly any color, pattern, and texture are possible with architectural precast concrete.

Why Install a Precast Concrete Basement Under Your Garage? Typically, there is dirt under the foundation of garages. If the...

Elematic Extruder

Meet the Elematic Extruder E9: Revolutionizing Molin’s Precast Production On October 1st, 2021, Molin’s precast concrete facility in Lino Lakes,...

Four Workers Walking Toward Construction Site

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, the most common cause of construction workplace injury and death in 2021 was falling...

Slab of Concrete Hanging from Crane

Why Build Storm Shelters Out of Precast? In the Midwest, as a part of tornado alley, we are frequently faced...

Molin Concrete Products worked with Rochon Corporation (GC), Oertel Architects, and Paulson & Clark Engineering on the Anoka Golf Maintenance Facility project.

Molin Concrete Products worked with Miller Architects & Builders, Cole Group Architects, and Herzog Engineering, LLC on The Depot on Main project in Zimmerman, MN.

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