Precast Concrete Columns

Molin precast columns are structural components often utilized with the Molin prestressed beams and hollow core plank.



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Precast Concrete Columns

Molin precast columns are structural components. They are often utilized with prestressed concrete beams and hollow core planks.

They provide essential support and are ideal for multi-story and industrial applications. We custom-design them with steel reinforcements in a controlled environment for maximum stability and versatility. Our structural precast columns make multi-level projects and large, open areas possible.

Benefits/Advantages of Precast Concrete Columns:

  • Quick installation for reduced on-site labor needs and costs
  • Factory production to ensure the columns are consistent and meet all quality standards
  • Shorter project lead time
  • Wide range of sizes to meet exact building needs
  • Design assistance to find the products to your specifications

Applications for Precast ConcreteColumns:

Precast columns are ideal for industrial applications, underground parking, and multi-story residential projects. They have ledges to offer support for our prestressed beams. They are often used with Molin Hollow Core Plank and Prestressed Concrete Beams

Molin understands every step of precast concrete projects. We can help from design and manufacturing to installation. We can help you find what precast concrete columns you need for your project. Concrete column forms are customizable to ensure you get the support you need. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Technical Information:

  • Molin Precast concrete Columns are typically poured in steel forms in 12″, 16″, 20″, and 24″ increments.
  • Customized forms for special applications are also available. All precast concrete columns are designed with mild steel reinforcements.


Aesthetic Information


Molin Concrete Products offers architectural precast concrete in almost any color, form, or texture to meet aesthetic and functional requirements of the designer. These samples are presented as a sales aid only. they represent the common colors and textures of Molin concrete architectural precast products. Molin has the capability of producing custom mix designs to achieve desired colors. This sample book is intended to offer a “starting point” to architects and designers.

Please contact Molin Concrete Products to request architectural precast samples by calling 651-786-7722 or send us an email to info@molin.com

Texture Guid Graphic
Color Guide Graphic

Technical Information

Molin Concrete Technical Info

Molin Concrete Product Company’s certified prestressed/precast concrete products are available in a wide range of sizes and designs in order to meet the specific needs of your project. Learn more about the capabilities of each of our products by downloading the corresponding load table or contacting Molin at 651-786-7722 or by email at info@molin.com

PDF files can be opened with any standard PDF reader. Our DWG files require custom fonts. Please add the following files to your CAD fonts folder: