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Precast Concrete Garage Basement Spaces

Why Install a Precast Concrete Basement Under Your Garage?

Typically, there is dirt under the foundation of garages. If the ground is slanted, like near a lake, you have two options: purchase dirt to fill the space or invest in a precast basement under your garage. How you take advantage of a precast concrete garage basement is up to you.

A precast garage basement, or tuck under garage space, is an additional room in the lower level of a home that is made with prestressed concrete. Hollow core planks are used for the upper-level garage flooring. They bear on poured concrete foundation walls, providing affordable space beneath the garage to use however you see fit.

When designing a single-family home, precast concrete offers many innovative and efficient solutions where other building materials fall short. Namely, the structural stability and speed of construction with precast are next to none. As a result, installing precast concrete garage basements is quick and efficient.

Homeowners have used the precast concrete space under their garages in various creative ways:

The Advantages of a Precast Concrete Garage Basement

Precast concrete provides many benefits to homeowners in the design and construction of garage basements:


How Molin Installs a Precast Concrete Garage Basement

Precast concrete integrates well with other building systems because of its resiliency, efficiency, and versatility. With precast concrete, the new lower-level space costs a fraction of the already finished space in a home. Precast concrete garage basements are usually built as part of a new garage project.

First, the homeowner will contact Molin for a consultation on their project. You can send us a message to tap into Molin’s technical expertise for project clarity.

Molin will then work with the homeowner to decide how precast concrete would best suit their project and provide preliminary budgeting to the homeowner.

Once we produce the precast concrete components, they are delivered to the job site. Then, Molin’s field crew will install Hollow Core plank on the poured foundation walls. This process includes structurally connecting the Hollow Core planks to the walls and grouting the planks together. The field crew works grout into the top side of the Hollow Core planks, structurally locking them together. You can see the process below, where concrete has been worked into the grout joints.

Once installation is complete, the General Contractor will put a waterproofing membrane on top of the Hollow Core planks. They will pour a concrete garage floor over the structure and finish the garage. Afterward, the garage basement space is the homeowner’s to enjoy. What would you put under your garage?

Working with Molin Concrete Products

When you work with Molin you don’t just get the finished product. As a premier precast designer, manufacturer, and installer across the Midwest, Molin can do large and small-scale projects with the same attention to quality and service. We offer installation and design services to help you get your ideas from design to completion.

Molin precast garage basement spaces are featured in the 2022 Fall Parade of Homes. Get the opportunity to see many Molin Projects along the route, including precast concrete garage basements.

Recently, Molin also designed and built a custom precast concrete home on Spirit Lake in Aitkin County, MN that displays the versatility of precast home construction. This

particular precast lake home project provided many benefits to the owner, which you can learn about in the PCI video here:

2022 PCI Design Awards Winner: Precast Lake Home

Talk with a sales rep at about precast garage basements for your next project.

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