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Grand and Syndicate

Urban Luxury in St. Paul

Situated along Saint Paul’s historic Grand Avenue, the Grand and Syndicate mixed-use building is currently under construction.  Scheduled to open in the Summer of 2018, Grand and Syndicate will be a four story structure with 26 luxury apartments set above a 48-stall, two level underground parking ramp.  The building will boast 1,300 square feet of retail and 10,000 square feet of office space soon to be the new headquarters for developer At Home Apartments.

The Molin design team was involved early in the design-build process.  Tight site access and adjacent buildings made precast the perfect solution.  Insulated precast foundation walls allowed for a smaller labor force on site, and the ability to set product during winter conditions without the need to heat.  With collaboration from Collage Architects, Molin was able to produce a concrete mix design that accents the stone façade of neighboring Kowalski’s Market.  The buff tone etched architectural wall panels were produced at Molin’s Architectural Wall Panel Plant, and showcases Molin’s commitment to quality and consistency.

Factors such as winter conditions, difficult site access, sound transmission, fire rating, and design-build all contributed to a total precast structure being the ideal solution for the Grand and Syndicate project.  Structures like Grand and Syndicate are a testament to the flexibility of precast, and the reason luxury and precast are synonymous.