Molin Concrete Products designs, produces, and installs precast and prestressed building components including structural and architectural products in almost any weather which could be a huge advantage on projects, especially when the tenant or owner occupancy can mean thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars per week.

Most educated design and construction professionals understand the advantages of designing and building with prestressed and precast concrete products. These well-known advantages include fire and storm resistance, sound and vibration absorption, minimal to no maintenance, and 100-year or more lifetime durability. Another huge advantage of prestressed/ precast concrete products is year-round installation. While many trades are laid off from working outside in the challenging climate we experience in the Upper Midwest during the winter, Molin continues producing, delivering, and installing products because of precast’s winter capabilities.

These photos show ongoing installation at two job sites in the Twin Cities during late December and early January when temps dipped into single digits Fahrenheit and we received several inches of snow. As long as we can get access provided by the contractor plowing and maintaining roads as needed to gain access with truckloads of product, Molin deliveries continue.