At Molin Concrete Products, there are many options for adding color variety with architectural precast wall panels.

This is accomplished with a combination of integral concrete color and large and small aggregates, to fulfill the visions of architects and owners, increasing the beauty of structures.

The benefits of architectural precast concrete wall panels

One of the biggest benefits architects and owners choose architectural precast wall panels is the aesthetic flexibility precast concrete offers.

Some practical reasons to specify architectural precast wall panels include:

  • Blending into or standing out from the environment
  • Displaying a higher-end appearance
  • Raising the value of the structure through durability and lower lifecycle costs
  • Meeting area building codes, as some areas have restrictions on exposed, grey concrete
  • Lower building envelope maintenance, as architectural precast color lasts longer than paint
  • Precast has higher structural integrity and durability than other materials
  • Greater energy efficiency from larger concrete mass and edge-to-edge insulation

Choosing a concrete color and mix design

It is important to meet with Molin early in the design process. The Molin Sales Team gets to work with the project design team developing the concrete mix design through specifications from the architect or through the sample submittal process with the owner and design team. Architects typically specify concrete mix design at the time of bidding, but they should work with a precast manufacturer to help with their choice. With this input, precast manufacturers can present economical and efficient manufacturing alternatives.

For more information about design factors and considerations affecting architectural precast aesthetics or successful design planning with architectural samples, visit PCI.

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Molin’s concrete coloring process


Pigments include liquid and dry powder colors for concrete. Once dialed in, Molin’s computerized batching system ensures that every panel poured has the same amount of pigment, giving the project a consistent appearance from the first panel to the last.

Aggregates are rocks and sand that add structural integrity, color, and texture to architectural precast wall panels. Aggregates are chosen for their desired color and texture, as well as cost and availability. Wall panel texture is discussed along with color with the precast manufacturer. Read more about precast concrete colors, forms, and textures in detail from Precast Concrete Institute (PCI).



Concrete colors are more vibrant and consistent with Molin because the material selection, mixing, and curing are all controlled in our Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) compliant plant. We avoid variations in the material, workmanship, or quality through automation.

All concrete color material is weighed, mixed, and poured by machine. Computerized batching weighs and mixes the materials, removing the human element. The curing process also takes place in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, which has a significant impact on the consistency of color in concrete.

We can help

Our concrete coloring process is unmatched in terms of consistency and variety. You can choose nearly any color and expect results that meet their specifications, budget, and timeline. Schedule a consultation with Molin today for guidance on aesthetic decisions for precast architectural wall panels.

Or view aesthetic information for examples of our concrete coloring capabilities. You can also view all of our color options in our color guide.