Hollow Core Plank

Hollow Core plank is a cost-effective and versatile solution for almost any building project. 

Primarily used for floors and roof decks, Hollow Core is a precast slab of prestressed concrete designed for greater structural efficiency. Molin Concrete offers two types of Hollow Core plank: Flexicore and Extruded. Our product options give you the design flexibility you need while reducing your lead time. 


  • Quick installation for reduced on-site labor needs and costs
  • Capable of spannintg long open spaces to aid design flexibility
  • Continuous interior voids for added structural stability and reduced weight and cost
  • Sound-proof, fire-rated, and low-maintenance
  • High load-bearing capacities for a wide variety of applications


Hollow Core plank is an excellent option for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings of any size. Common applications include multi-family housing, multi-story buildings, single-family residences, schools, and more.